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My back is against the wall and both your hands are on either side of my head. Keeping me prisoner. No escape. But I choose to be your prisoner. I'm yours. Biting your neck I mark you as mine. I can feel your excitement as it pokes at my inner thigh. Moving my hand downward I grab you through your pants. Hands rub against you and grip you tightly. "Your mine."

Stopping for a quick second, "Don't stop."

I pull back and look at you, "No." You seem shocked. When I get down on one knee I can see by your breathing that you can't take this. You're just too easy. Your legs shake and you lean your weight against the wall. I tease you till your knees begin to grow weak.

Pulling away once more, you grab my face and kiss me passionately, fiercely. Scared that I'll pull away once more. Your hand rubs against my center through my jeans. I jump in surprise and gasp within the kiss. Taking off your shirt I strip myself of all clothes. You sit me down, before I can kiss you, you spread my legs and run your fingers along my panties. Taking in the wetness. Pushing it aside you tease me before nearly tearing off my lace underwear. Spreading my legs he kisses my lips and teases me with his tongue. Gasping I grab his hear as he continues sucking and teasing. My nails scrape at his scalp. I feel knots in my stomach and pressure building. He continues till I'm close, my mind screams, "I'm going to come!"

As if he heard me he pulls away, looking at me with mischief he grabs me and kisses me roughly. Our hands grope and grab any part of each other we can. Then I feel him. He slams into me. My eyes open wide and I hiss biting my lip. He doesn't stop. His thrusts are rough, hard and deep. He lifts both my legs to his shoulders. He's an animal. In and out in and out. My walls are so tight around him that I feel every single inch of him. I feel the tip of his head as it hits my end. I feel my walls stretch around his length as he plunges inside of me. He thrust becomes ragged, as he gets closer. Sheen of sweat coats his skin. My nails claw at his arms. My back arches as I feel my walls close on him. Pulsing like my heart against him. I scream and whimper as I feel myself release.

He rides out my orgasm out till he finishes. I can't feel my legs; he wraps them around my waist. He holds my face gently and kisses me without muttering a word of love. But the kiss is enough to say it. My heart slows to a steady beat. And the kiss grows tendered as the night carries on.
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August 9, 2013
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